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Thought Technology Ltd.

Thought Technology, the world's leading biofeedback and psychophysiological instrument manufacturer, produces a wide variety of instrumentation to monitor surface electromyography (sEMG), electroencephalography (EEG), electrocardiology (EKG), skin conductance, temperature, blood volume pulse and respiration. We've also designed specialized equipment to interface with a variety of third-party sensing devices, such as goniometers and force sensors. Of course, our instruments are not only able to measure and record physiological signals; they can also analyze and feed them back, in real time, through a variety of auditory and visual means. For over a quarter century, our biofeedback equipment has been an essential part of many therapeutic and clinical assessment protocols.

These products are used by tens of thousands of clinicians in thousands of medical institutions. Each year, Thought Technology puts together over 100 clinical workshops, taught by world authorities in their fields, to teach clinical skills and the effective use of biofeedback instrumentation.

Biofeedback Foundation of Europe

The Biofeedback Foundation of Europe (BFE) was founded to promote a greater awareness of biofeedback among European health professionals and, through training workshops, educate clinicians in the use of biofeedback techniques and technology.

The foundation's advisory board comprises leading clinicians and researchers from multiple disciplines who share a common interest in the dissemination of information about this rapidly growing field.

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